"Spectrum of Mana" was intended to do justice to the original game in every way possible, including the emphasis on multi-player gaming. To the best of our knowledge, this is one of the largest collaborative game remix efforts, ever. All of the musicians and artists were encouraged to work together to create their pieces, and many took that idea and ran with it! For a full breakdown of which individuals are on which songs, please refer to the music page.

Each artist and musician bio page includes links to their other works. We encourage you to explore these! As much music and art as there is on "Spectrum of Mana," there is even more to be found when you explore each person's individual works. Who knows? You might even find a new weapon orb!

NOTE: Some musicians/artists did not wish to submit a bio.

Project Director
Nate Horsfall
Video Development/Editing
Travis Morgan
Nate Horsfall
Web Development
Erik Peabody
Nate Horsfall Kurt Horsfall Ali Floyd
Nickeledge Karen Lambey Juvenile Jen
Brian Roper
Adam Henry Ailsean (Sean Stone) Alexander Brandon
Amanda Lepre Aron "Conner" Goodrum Barry Edward Bellomy
Ben Triech Brad Macchioni Bruce Bonebrake II
Careless Gorodetsky Cheryl Norfair Chris Dlugosz
Chunkstyle (Dan Taylor) Cory Johnson Dan Ryan
Dave Reardon Demonstray (Cory Harbak) Derris-Kharlan
Descendants of Erdrick (Band) Dr. Manhattan (Hugo Silva) Dustin Garcia
Finbeard (Chuck Simpson) Glenn Elliott (Omigadrive) Hat
HousetheGrate (Alexander Liss) Izzy De Leon James Moats
Jameson Sutton Jay Wilson Jeff Edward Ball
Jen Rose Jim Watson Joe Corbett
John Weible Jon Peros Joshua Cortese (Mercurial)
Josh Czoski Josh Edginton Josh Weber
Julia Seeholzer Justin Olejnik Kaylei Bristol
Kevin Lawrence Ken Huffman Kenny Reichelderfer
Lauren "the Flute" Liebowitz Lauren Michelle Christerson Lobos (Mike Villalobos)
Mateo John Marshall Mega Beardo (Ryan Postlethwait) Mike Treanor
Moises Castro norg (George Nowik) Nick Doane
Phil Mius Rize (David Trammell) Robert Cammack
ROCKTendo (Bill Rahko) Ron Kinard Ruben Balboa
Rudy Castro Ryan Davies Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron
The Second Story (Band) Sidney Hopson Snappleman
Stemage (Grant Henry) Super Guitar Bros. Tim Lydon
Tim Yarbrough Tony Dickinson Travis Morgan
Vanessa Young Viking Guitar (Erik Peabody) Vivianne Ducharme
Wild_Cat (Max Noel) The World is Square (Band) William Reyes
Wyatt Banks