Jen Rose
Jen Rose
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Role on Project: Arrangement, guitar, keys
Main Song: Farewell to Jinx
Collaborations: Atop a Dragon White, Tale of the Curious Stranger
Description: Guitarist for The Second Story, keyboards for Jen Rose and the Jentlemen, gamer for charity.
About the Game: "It changed my life for the better. Reading and reciting the dialogue helped me overcome my struggle with dyslexia. My brother Matt and I bonded so much through this game growing up. Our lives have unfortunately gone in vastly different directions, so I will always treasure the fact that the best times I ever spent with Matt were sitting side by side playing Secret of Mana together."
About the Project: "I'm extremely excited to get to work alongside so many amazing and talented musicians that I admire. Secret of Mana has played such a huge role in my life, and it's a great honor to be able to be a part of something that pays tribute to it."
Notable Works: That one song at Akon 18 about Sephiroth not lying about liking big swords; Jen Rose and the Jentlement; The Second Story
Shout Out/Final Words: "Big thanks to the Austin, TX VGM scene for making me a part of their family. Amanda, Lauren, Chris, Lobos, John: because of your friendship and music, I was fortunate enough to become connected to the world of VGM, and Nate's amazing project. For this, I am extremely grateful to you all."