Nate Horsfall
Nate Horsfall (FoxxDragon)
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Role on Project: Project Manager, Artist, Video Editor, Psycho
Solo Contributions: Art- Pure Land, Lofty Mountains, Fire Minotaur, Thanatos, Upperland, Flight over Tasnica, Forest, Mana Tree Destroyed, SC Cannon Travel, SC Burst, SC Exit Strategy, SC Frizbar, SC Fairy Walnuts, SC Dryad, SC Lunar Disappointment, War (Gril) Disc, Team Sprite Art, Album Art Layout
Collaborations: Sword at the Falls, Karons Ferry, Kakkara, Mech Rider, Northtown Ruins, Gigas, Watts, Haunted Library, Flying to the Mana Fortress, Flammie's Cave, Crystal Forest
Interviews: Project Management (link)
Art Interview (link)
Description: By day, Nate is a professional 3d Animator who has worked for over 10 years in the game industry on titles like: Sims Medieval, Legacy of Kain, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Spiderman: Web of Shadows. By night, he toils away on dozens of different art projects for bands, people, and groups in the VG Scene. Anything from album covers, to logos, and now even concert videos.
About the Game: Beaten this game over 30 times, including a hard mode hack, and an 8 hour speed run. Him and his brother used to play it as a holiday tradtion. He also owns a cart signed by Hiroki Kikuta. He's a little obsessed.
Notable Works: - Dwelling of Duels (
- Metroid Metal (
- Those Who Fight (
- VikingGuitar (
- Harmony of a Hunter (
- Vampire Variations (
- Contra 4: Rocked 'n' Loaded (
...and many more!
BONUS: Making of "Fire and Ice" art (link)
Making of "Burn it Down" art (link)