Glenn Elliott (Omigadrive)
Glenn Elliott (Omigadrive)
Location: Houston, TX, USA
Role on Project: Musician, arrangement
Main Songs: Atop a Dragon White, Solum, Meridian Rush
Description: Glenn Elliott is the main guitarist and leader of the recording project Omigadrive. Hailing from the cold north of England and currently living in the hotlands of Texas, he is a life long video game fan as well as being a fan of the VGM scene from the early 2000's. After years of simply listening to VGM he finally decided to join in the fun, beginning with a few Dwelling of Duels entries and since doing several songs for projects such as Vampire Variations and Danse Macambre, among others. Has an intense dislike for Bryan Adams, Sting, Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses .
About the Game: "Never played it!"
About the Project: "This thing is huge and I don't know how Nate hasn't had a heart attack doing it. It's been fun, collaborating with some fantastic musicians and being part of something that I feel has been very special. I've done projects before wbut the feeling of unity on this one is something I've never truly seen before, which I think shows in the amount of musicians working together across the board to bring the best out of a great soundtrack and give it the love it deserves."
Notable Works: - Vampire Variations (link)
- Danse Macabre (link)
- Dwelling of Duels (link)