Bill Rahko (ROCKtendo)
Location: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Role on Project: Arrangement, bass, vocals, programming, mixing
Collaborations: Seed, Mushroom Kingdom, Pandora's Box, mastering for Disc 3: Spirit
Description: A lifetime lover of VG music, Bill got his start in music by writing songs and playing in bands around his home town of Madison, WI - most notably with the hard rock group Fragile Utopia. He co-founded ROCKtendo with other members of Fragile Utopia in 2007, and did some live shows and recording before relocating to Los Angeles that same year to pursue a career in music production. Since the move, Bill has invited other collaborators to join him in recording tracks for Dwelling of Duels, and is thrilled to expand his creative horizons by collaborating with the top-notch musicians and artists on this project.
About the Game: Beat it single-player sometime around '08, loved it, and was really struck by the music.
Notable Works: - Fragile Utopia (link)
- Dwelling of Duels (link)