Kevin Lawrence
Kevin Lawrence
Location: Asheville, NC, USA
Role on Project: Musician - drums and drumming
Collaborations: Mushroom Kingdom, Meridian Dance, The Oracle, Echoes of the Exiled, Survivors of the Storm
Description: "Started playing drums at age 3, fueled by peanut butter and maple syrup. Years pass, and not much has changed. I currently play with Metroid Metal, Yes Mayhem, and myself."
About the Game: "None, but whatever."
Words About the Project: It's long and hard and fun, but... oh wait, you mean the Mana collab.
Notable Works: - Metroid Metal (link)
- Varia Suite (link)
- Expansion Pack (link)
- Yes, Mayhem (link)
- Eponymous (link)
- HH2 (link)
- Those Who Fight (link)