Alexander Brandon
Alexander Brandon
Location: Georgetown, TX, USA
Role on Project: Composer, arranger
Main Song: A Storm is Coming
Description: Alexander Brandon is a game audio veteran with over seventeen years of experience and over fifty titles to his credit, among them the soundtracks for such hits as "Unreal" and "Deus Ex", and more recently music, sound and voice for such games as "Stranglehold", "Alpha Protocol", the "Neverwinter Nights" series, "Dust: An Elysian Tail", "Skyrim", "Bejeweled 3" and "DC Universe Online".

Alex has skills in music composition, sound design, voice acting, voice direction, audio direction and game audio technology. He has written the award winning book "Audio For Games: Planning, Process and Production." He has also worked with Hollywood voice talent, symphony orchestras, and high profile music acts such as BT. Alex continues to write on numerous game audio subjects, and is always honoring his roots, interviewing such Japanese game music rock stars like Hip Tanaka and Tetsuya Mizuguchi. As part of the game audio community he has served on the steering committee of the IA-SIG and continues to serve ont he Game Audio Network Guild's Board of Directors.

He now owns his own audio production house in Georgetown, Texas, "Funky Rustic", and distributes music through Bandcamp, releasing an album every now and again.
About the Game: Have been fortunate enough to meet Hiroki Kikuta.
About the Project: I was introduced to this project by Jameson Sutton. He connected me with Nate Horsfall and soon it became apparent that this was more than a simple tribute album. It was a behemoth of voluntary time on the part of a massive collaboration for the love of Secret of Mana. Having played the game with my friend Jason Emery the year of its release on SNES, I am amazed that so many people in the new generation of gamers still enjoy and cherish it.

Beyond that, the soundtrack is ground breaking. It generated a completely new style that had already been condemned somewhat to a generic J-pop sound with the advent of CDROM music. It took sample based composition and provided what many PCM based scores were doing at the time: a style all its own. Kikuta-san made history then and its only right that it should be honored now. And I will say that after nearly 20 years of composing music for games I am proud to have been able to honor it in some small way myself, but the real credit goes to Nate and the people wrangling such a gigantic amount of creative content.
Notable Works: - Era's End (Bandcamp link)
- Earthscape (Bandcamp link)
- Violet Eclectic (Bandcamp link)