George E. Nowik (norg)
Website: norg at Dwelling of Duels
Location: Issaquah, WA, USA
Role on Project: Musician, arranger, thorn in FoxxDragon's side
Main Song: Like a Boss
Collaboration: Meridian Rush
Interview: Interview with norg on Spectrum of Mana
Description: "I started doing game arrangements in 1999 using Impulse Tracker (shades of Amiga tracking but a metric ton more channels), took a break, then was turned onto Dwelling of Duels by virt in 2005. Been using Cubase as a DAW ever since. I also spent a few years playing Chapman Stick and Bass with The Smash Brothers at MAGFest (and one Final Fantasy XI Fan Convention) which was a blast. New band things are on the horizon."
About the Game: "Played it a teensy bit. Need to play more. It's pretty fun so far."
About the Project: This project is probably one of the most ambitious and amazing projects to hit the scene since JoeCam's Earthbound project from years ago. Seriously. FoxxDragon has curated something incredible in what he has pulled together in the amount of time available. There are literally no clunkers in the entire batch and that says quite a lot considering the scope of it all. Rock on, Nate dude.
Notable Works: - norg at Dwelling of Duels (link)
- OCRemix Final Fantasy VI Project: Balance and Ruin (40 minute/four part prog arrangement with Snappleman and Finbeard) (link)