Lauren Liebowitz
Lauren "The Flute" Liebowitz
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Role on Project: Flute superheroine
Collaborations: You Gotta Fight for Your Sprite to Party, Holy Intruder, Seed, Aurora Borealis, Assault on the Witch's Castle, A Storm is Coming, Survivors of the Storm
Description: Lauren plays flute. Sometimes she sings. She likes video games. These three things go together like neopolitan ice cream, which is also something she likes. When she's not making music, she's probably writing fiction. She puts out her own solo VGM covers and also helms The Returners, but she's been known to jump into other bands and other projects whenever anybody needs a flute.
About the Game: "I have played this game so many hours that I've gotten almost all of the 'extra' weapon orbs that you only get grinding in the Mana Fortress. That's pretty crazy. I think you could say I've been pretty obsessed with the game since before it came out; I memorized the preview in EGM back in the day.

When I play the game, I tend to play as the guy. I'm not responsible enough to play the girl; I don't pay enough attention to anyone's health, even my own. (I need a Mana babysitter, apparently.)"
Words About the Project: " I love Secret of Mana and I'm happy to see it get some love from other people. I've never been part of such a big project before!"
Notable Works: - The Returners (link)
- Formerly in Descendants of Erdrick (DoE at MAGFest 10)