Location: St. Louis, MO, USA
Role on Project: Wookie for hire
Main Song: Give Time its Proper Love
Collaboration: Meridian Rush (guitar solo)
Description: Like if Chewbacca and MacGyver had a baby and it decided to play guitar.
About the Game: "Played it. Never beat it. Love the music and art."
About the Project: "This guy Nate Horsfall made a whole bunch of pretty pictures and all the musicians felt bad because we couldn't live up to the artwork. Someone had a full dropbox and was all "DELETE ALL THE THINGS!" but it was OK because technology has come a long way, and "delete" doesn't really mean anything anymore. Then Grant Henry threatened to play tubaphone on all the tracks. We all gave each other mixing lessons and had a fun party. You want this now, right? Yeah. Yeah, you do."
Notable Works: Terra in Black, The Knights Come Marching Home Again, The Drugstore Sells Sparks, Actraiservania (The Smash Brothers), Underbeard (The Grammar Club), Super Funktroid (Bad Dudes)
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