Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson
Role on Project: Guitarist and bassist, arrangement, mixing, saviour of dropped tracks
Main Songs: A Bell is Tolling, The Wind Never Ceases, Fond Memories
Collaborations: Meridian Rush, Spirit of the Night, Solum
Description: "Here is the spot where I'm writing my bio. I'm writing one! I'm not leaving it as the default, for the love of god. No one would want to see that. It would have been horrible and people would have been wondering "why did that person leave the default text?"

"So I record music (mostly others' music) and upload it to the internet. I've been playing and recording music all my life, but I'm relatively new to actually letting other people hear it. I'm from Huntsville, AL (aka that city where Space Camp is located.) I got a degree in audio production from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN - just outside of Nashville. (Fun fact: The Protomen formed and started recording as audio production students at MTSU.)"
About the Game: "I'll play it one of these days."
Notable Works: - The Legend of Zelda (link)