Mike Villalobos
Mike Villalobos (Lobos)
Website: http://lobos.bandcamp.com
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Role on Project: Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Arrangement
Main Song: On the Wings of Dragons
Description: Mike 'Lobos' Villalobos has been playing guitar for 14 years and video games for longer. At some point, he took the next logical step and combined these passions into face-melting guitar covers of video game music. When Mike's not busy working in the gaming industry, he spends most of his free time livestreaming video game challenges and speed runs on Twitch TV.
About the Game: "Never beaten it, but I've listened to the sountrack dozens of times!"
Notable Works: - Guitarist, Descendants of Erdrick (2010 - 2013) (link)
- Guitarist, The Returners (2013 - present) (link)
- Bassist, Gimmick! (2013 - present) (link)
- Guitarist, Lords of Thunder (2012 - present) (link)
- Solo Youtube Covers (link)