housethegrate (Alexander Liss)
Location: Portland, OR, USA
Role on Project: Musician, arranger
Main Song: Hear the Whispers of Gaia
Interview: Interview with housethegrate on Spectrum of Mana
Description: Alexander Liss is a guitarist and composer currently studying music at the Portland State University.
About the Game: "Secret of Mana was a game I played when it came out. I've always cherished the story, the gameplay and, of course, the music. I especially appreciate its themes of nature and the way it encourages respect for the earth."
Notable Works: - Houseworks (2006) (link)
- Vintageworks (2005) (link)
- Temp Sound Solutions (link)
- Dwelling of Duels (link)
- Now You're Playing With Powar X: Endgame (2012); appearances on Minibosses - Brass 2 (2011) and Year 200X - We Are Error (2008)