Careless Gorodetsky
Careless Gorodetsky
Location: Sarasota, FL, USA
Role on Project: Arrangement, accordion, glockenspiel, vocals, violin
Collaborations: Girl You Got a Nice Beard, Meridian Rush, Mushroom Kingdom
Interview: Interview with Careless Gorodetsky on Spectrum of Mana
Description: "Careless" is a socially awkward accordionist who stumbled into the music scene in 2005 with the birth of his band, Random Encounter. For 6 years Random Encounter strictly focused on performing a handful of key shows throughout the year but after the 16th band member had come and gone, a completely new band of the same name appeared, dedicated to playing shows regularly, having an energetic stage presence, and recording their music. The new band also allowed Careless to write original songs (for the first time in his life), which were inspired by either video games or his love for Russian Folklore.

Careless actively competes in Dwelling of Duels, is working on two new albums with Juja, just finished Random Encounter's new album "Let Me Tell You a Story", is writing VG inspired music for three more albums, a comic book series, a low-tech indie game, a board game, actively performing with Random Encounter, and trying to maintain a blog.

Careless works a "day" job as a debt collector, salesman, repo man, and for a brief time was once a bond-enforcement agent (bounty hunter) before discovering that he has a medical condition that prevents him from recognizing faces. Oddly enough, despite his "drunken master" accordion style Careless doesn't drink.
About the Game: Played it in middle school. Read a super-solid 200 page handwritten novel about the game's story.
Notable Works: - Unavenged (Bandcamp link)
- 72 Hours in the Ocean with Your Mother
(Bandcamp link)
- Dead Labs (Bandcamp link)
- Pixel Glass (Bandcamp link)
- Free music and videos as Careless Juja (link)