The World is Square
The World is Square
Location: Boston, MA, USA
Main Song: You Gotta Fight for your Sprite to Party
Interview: Interview with Nick Doane of The World is Square on Spectrum of Mana
Description: The World is Square is a five-piece video game tribute band from Boston, MA; focusing on the Classic Years of SquareSoft/Enix Games. They incorporate a variety of classical, unconventional, and modern instruments to recreate songs from their favourite games.
About the Game: "Not all of us have beaten Secret of Mana, but we've all played it at some point. Being a band that only focuses on Squaresoft/Enix Music, we have listened to this OST countless times. It's a really great game that shined during a classic era of SNES gaming."
About the Project: "We received a message from Nate on our Youtube Channel what seems like forever ago. It was before we knew or were friends with many of the contributors & people involved in this Mana Tribute. We were instantly thrilled to be asked to be a part of such a great idea, and even more thrilled that we got the chance to work with Lauren 'the Flute' Liebowitz of The Returners. She brings a sound and an element to that song that we would not have been able to provide ourselves. If everyone enjoys You Gotta Fight for your Sprite to Party half as much as we enjoyed working on it, then we've done our job."
Notable Works: - No Phoenix Down Can Save You Now (2012)
- Chiptunes = WIN - WTFLOL Compilation (2013)