"Spectrum of Mana" is a remix album of the 1993 classic "Secret of Mana." The entire soundtrack has been lovingly reworked and reimagined by a team of almost eighty musicians. From jazz to metal, symphonic orchestration to funk rock, "Spectrum of Mana" is sure to provide something enjoyable for every fan of the game.

Due to the quantity and variety of music on "Spectrum of Mana," the project has been divided into three discs of music:

Disc 1: WAR Disc 2: PEACE Disc 3: SPIRIT

Below is a listing of the songs included in "Spectrum of Mana," by disc. Be sure to check out the team page for more information on the individual artists, and links to their other work.

You can download individual discs, and you can also download the whole package, with art, by going to the download page, and you can order a not-for-profit hard copy of the album and art book by going to the hard copies link.

Disc 1: WAR
Track Title Artist Notes Original Title Length
1. "The Rabbit Hole" Dr. Manhattan "The Legend" 5:58
2. "Give Time Its Proper Love" Ailsean ft. Bruce Bonebrake II "Leave Time for Love" 4:22
3. "Like a Boss" norg "Danger" 5:07
4. "Atop a Dragon White" Jen Rose and the Jentlemen Lead Guitar - Omigadrive
Bass - Barry Edward Bellomy
Guitar - Dustin Garcia
Drums - Robert Cammack
Keys - Jen Rose
"Prophecy" 4:08
5. "Monarch on the Shore" Amanda Lepre ft. Chuck "finbeard" Simpson
Big Mat
"Monarch on the Shore" 4:47
6. "Stainless Steel and Snare" Travis Morgan
& Adam Henry
"Steel and Snare" 5:12
7. "Star of Darkness" Descendants of Erdrick
& Jameson Sutton
Double Bass - Ben Triech
Trumpet - Aron Goodrum
Violin - Izzy De Leon
Viola - Ruben Balboa
Cello - Josh Weber
French Horn - Rudy Castro
Trombone - Moises Castro
"The Dark Star" 5:20
8. "The Great Sprite Hope" Mega Beardo ft. Travis Morgan "One of Them is Hope" 4:50
9. "Wrath of the Beast" The Warring Triad Josh, Nick and Dave from
The World is Square
"Morning is Here" 2:22
10. "Arid Sands" Amanda Lepre "Secret of the Arid Sands" 5:27
11. "Pandora's Box" Death Itself Drums - Adam Henry
Bass - Adam Henry & Bill Rahko
Guitar - Adam Henry & Travis Morgan
Synthesizer - Adam Henry
Digeridoo - Wyatt Banks
Svedka Bottle - Bill Rahko
Programming - Bill Rahko & Travis Morgan
"Ceremony" 4:00
12. "This Song Got Me Pregnant" Jon Peros "The Second Truth from the Left" 3:48
13. "Cursed" Travis Morgan "The Curse" 2:18
14. "The Oracle" Travis Morgan ft. Kevin Lawrence - Drums
Amanda Lepre - Death Scream
"The Oracle" 7:06
15. "Sword from Stone" Viking Guitar ft. Tim Lydon
& Grant Henry
"Fear of the Heavens" 11:06
Disc 2: PEACE
Track Title Artist Notes Original Title Length
1. "In the Dead of Night" Travis Morgan Keys - Mercurial
Violin - Josh Czoski
Percussion - Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron
Cello - Phil Mius
Choir - Vivianne Ducharme
Choir - Cheryl Norfair
Djembe - Nick Doane
Translation - Kana Baker Gurvitz
"In the Dead of Night" 4:05
2. "Seed" Mana Philharmonic Harp - Vanessa Young
Singers - Amanda Lepre,
Julia Seeholzer, Bill Rahko,
Travis Morgan
Violin - Josh Czoski
Flute - Lauren Liebowitz
Percussion - Sidney Hopson
and Dan Ryan
Programming - Bill Rahko
"Whisper and Mantra" 4:47
3. "Teal and Silent" Mercurial "Eternal Recurrence" 4:30
4. "Tale of the Curious Stranger" The Second Story Jameson Sutton
Nick Doane
Mixing - Grant Henry
"A Curious Tale" 4:10
5. "Together Always" William Reyes "Together Always" 4:17
6. "A Storm is Coming" Alexander Brandon ft. Lauren Liebowitz "Distant Thunder" 3:25
7. "Fond Memories" Cory Johnson "Fond Memories" 3:09
8. "Echoes of the Exhiled" WARK John Weible
Kevin Lawrence
Jeff Ball
Amanda Lepre
"I Won't Forget" 3:35
9. "Voyage" Julia Seeholzer "Did You See the Ocean?" 3:11
10. "The Summer Sky is Blue" Super Guitar Bros. "The Color of the Summer Sky" 2:45
11. "Forest Lesson" Tim Yarbrough "What the Forest Taught Me" 3:08
12. "Spirit of the Night" Cory Johnson ft. Josh Czoski "Spirit of the Night" 3:26
13. "Aurora Borealis" Viking Guitar ft. Lauren Liebowitz "A Wish" 4:47
14. "Village of Silent Roses" Super Guitar Bros. "Phantom and a Rose" 2:42
15. "Farewill to Jinx" Jen Rose "Now Flightless Wings" 2:48
16. "Beginning of the End" John Weible
& Ryan Davies
ft. Stemage
& James Moats
"A Conclusion" 5:43
17. "Solum" The Nate Horsfall Experience Omigadrive
Cory Johnson
Joshua Cortese
"Still of the Night" 7:17
18. "Holy Intruder" Stemage & Friends ft. Amanda Lepre
Travis Morgan
Josh Czoski
Lauren Liebowitz
"Mystic Invasion" 4:49
19. "No Trace Ever Found" Nick Doane "I Closed My Eyes" 1:05
Disc 3: Spirit
Track Title Artist Notes Original Title Length
& Chris Dlugosz
"Menu Music" 1:47
2. "Steampunk Funk" Dr. Manhattan "A Curious Happening" 3:23
3. "Assault on the Witch's Castle" Jameson Sutton Arrangement/Piano - Jameson Sutton
Bass - Ron Kinard
Rhythm Guitar &
Psycho Bottle Section - Stemage
Acoustic and Cameo Solo
- Amanda Lepre
Flute - Lauren Liebowitz

School Peeps:
Violin - Izzy De Leon
Viola - Ruben Balboa
Cello - Josh Weber
French Horn - Rudy Castro
Trombone - Moises Castro

Aron "Connor" Goodrum - Asst. Engineer
Jason Gallardo - Assisted with booking
"Into the Thick of It" 6:14
4. "You Gotta Fight for Your Sprite to Party" The World is Square ft. Lauren Liebowitz "The Little Sprite" 1:59
5. "Girl, You Got a Nice Beard" Careless Gorodetsky Travis Morgan - Drunken Vocals
Mike Treanor - Sitar
Nick Doane - Drink Percussion
& Drunken Vocals
Randon Encounter Audience -
Sing along
"It Happened Late One Evening" 1:43
6. "Hear the Whispers of Gaia" housethegrate "Distant Thunder" 5:16
7. "On the Wings of Dragons" Mike Villalobos
& Travis Morgan
Mixing - Stemage "Flight Into the Unknown" 4:52
8. "A Bell is Tolling" Cory Johnson "A Bell is Tolling" 5:57
9. "The Wind Never Ceases" Cory Johnson "The Wind Never Ceases" 2:28
10. "At Least You Got 'Em" Hat "Now Flightless Wings" 2:21
11. "Mushroom Kingdom" The World Warriors Drums - Chuck "finbeard" Simpson
and Kevin Lawrence
Bass - Bill Rahko
Guitars - Travis Morgan,
Viking Guitar, Stemage,
and Dr. Manhattan
Violin - Careless Gorodetsky
Flute - Lauren Liebowitz
Percussion - Nick Doane,
Sarah Lecompte-Bergeron, Travis Morgan, Bill Rahko,
and Ken Huffman
"Dancing Animals" 6:04
12. "Meridian Rush (Parts I, II, & III)" Click to see credits for this monster track! "Meridian Dance" 12:00
13. "Survivors of the Storm" Demonstray
& Friends
Drums - Kevin Lawrence
Flute - Lauren Liebowitz
Bass - Max Noel
Guitar solos -
Stemage and Viking Guitar
"Calm Before the Storm 5:40
14. "Epilogue" Derris-Kharlan "Mana Medley" 17:40