Tony Dickinson
Tony Dickinson (Prince of Darkness)
Location: Denver area, CO, USA
Role on Project: Producer / mixer / guitarist / bassist
Collaboration: Meridian Rush
Description: "I am a musician from the Denver area, and have been in the remixing scene since 2008. My first introduction into remixing was when I entered DoD back in March 2008 with 'Zero Light,' and since then it's been true love. If you're into unlistenable cheesy smooth jazz, intolerable cheesy pseudo-funk and unbearable cheesy symphonic metal, I am the man for you. I have an unhealthy love for the Sonic games, which is a problem, because most of the new ones are bad. Also, I've only played about 20% of the games I remix. That sucks.

I finally got to hit the live remix stage with Dwelling of Duels Live for MAGfest 11 and am looking forward to doing it again. DoD Live also features Alex Liss, Dan Liss, Kunal Majmudar and Travis Moberg (Different from Travis Morgan. That confusion happens all the time.) Nowadays the remixing has simmered down because I do slave labor for Hollywood composers by giving them cheap guitar and bass tracks, and IÕm finally working on original material. Also, I play on the Earthbound Papa's 2nd album on the track 'Interlude ~ Anthony's Dream.'"
About the Game: "Never played the game, but I like the music and I had lunch with the composer at MAGFest 9."
About the Project: "NEVAR AGAIN. But seriously, it was a lot of fun for how much work it was. I was the guy that pieced together Omigadrive's arrangement, which meant needing to mix 2 drumsets, 4 basses, and an unholy amount of guitar tracks, as well as 'produce' the key sounds like brass, strings and synths. I'm probably the guy most likely to understand excess on this level, but when it finally came together at the end I was proud of the result, even if it wasn't my own arrangement. Thanks to everybody who participated on it! This is pretty much the 'We Are the World' of video game remixes."
Notable Works: - Tony Dickinson VGM remixes (link)
- PuD's DuDs (link)
- Contra 4: Rocked 'n' Loaded (link)
- Dwelling of Duels (link)