"Spectrum of Mana" Project Director FoxxDragon is a professional game animator and illustrator, so it's no surprise that the visual aspects of "Secret of Mana" are as important to him as the musical ones. Nate and his art team have created over fifty original images inspired by Hiro Isono's legendary visual aesthetic.

In addition to the individual pieces of artwork, Fenixblue has arranged them in a narrative art book, which also includes many work-in-progress versions and other fun tidbits. You can purchase a hard-bound version of this art book through the hard copies page.

Below are the individual pieces of art by the "Spectrum of Mana" art team. Each thumbnail will open the full size, high resolution image in a new window. From there, right-click on the image and click "Save As" to save it to your computer.

Also, be sure to check out each artist's bio page for more information, and for links to their other works.

General Images

Endings and Beginnings Golden Grass Way to the Witch Advancing the Sword
FoxxDragon, Fenixblue, and Djantir Fenixblue Fenixblue Djantir
Ancient Future Pit of Darkness Burn it Down Painted Forest
Fenixblue Fenixblue FoxxDragon FoxxDragon
The Forgotten World Walk the Seasons Time Flows Like a River The Face of Death
FoxxDragon FoxxDragon Fenixblue FoxxDragon
Cold Spell Ceremonial Staredown Ancient Underground Slumber
FoxxDragon and Fenixblue Fenixblue Djantir FoxxDragon, Fenixblue, and Djantir
A Great Problem The Pinnacle History Repeats Fire and Ice
Djantir and Fenixblue FoxxDragon Djantir and Fenixblue FoxxDragon and Fenixblue
Take Off to Adventure Mechrocker Goodbye Northtown Nightmare
FoxxDragon FoxxDragon and Fenixblue FoxxDragon FoxxDragon and Fenixblue
The Legend Welcome Home The Boat's a Bit Unsteady One Hope
FoxxDragon and Fenixblue Fenixblue FoxxDragon, Fenixblue, and Djantir Fenixblue
Crystal Wonderland Untitled Gaia's Navel
FoxxDragon, Fenixblue, and Djantir Juvenile Jen Fenixblue
Elemental Pop Art

Undine Gnome Sylphid Salamando
Fenixblue Fenixblue Fenixblue Fenixblue
Shade Lumina Luna Dryad
Fenixblue Fenixblue Fenixblue Fenixblue
Disc Images

Disc 1: War Disc 2: Peace Disc 3: Spirit
FoxxDragon Djantir Fenixblue

Not So Heroic Captain Duck Strikes Again Lunar Disappointment So Useless
Fenixblue Fenixblue and FoxxDragon FoxxDragon FoxxDragon
Run, Chobin, Run! The Power of Burst Exit Strategy Travel in Style
FoxxDragon FoxxDragon FoxxDragon FoxxDragon
Almost a Frisbee High Maintenance Running a Business
FoxxDragon FoxxDragon Fenixblue