Mercurial (Joshua Cortese)
Location: Sydney, Australia
Role on Project: Dem keys
Main Song: Teal and Silent
Collaborations: Solum, In the Dead of Night, Meridian Rush
Description: "Whilst I would usually quote the Fresh Prince right about now I feel maybe it'd be good if I did actually share a bit about myself. I've been playing piano for... I really don't know how long. As a kid I used to hear video game music and want to know how to play it. I spent hours on the piano with the volume on the TV turned up loud so I could match the notes, and really that's how I learned how to play. I did one year of lessons when I was 12, hated it, and decided I would teach myself. Video games played such an important role in motivating me to play, and still to this day I play games as often as I can.

I've done gigs here and there, and play on a weekly basis at a youth group I help run, but what I really love is just sitting down after a hard days work and busting out a sweet melody. I'm happy to be part of this project given how many talented people are on board!"
About the Game: "I have played a few games in the Mana series but for some reason I had never played Secret of Mana... Though after hearing all of this quality music I feel the need to :)"
Influences: "My major influences are Nobou Uematsu, David Wise, Koji Kondo. Bands such as The Reign of Kindo and Coldplay really help when I'm trying to think up new melodies and chord progressions. I've recently been introduced to Yiruma and his stuff blows me away."
Notable Works: NOTE: Formerly under the name "Mercury Adept"
- Harmony of a Hunter (link)
- Harmony of a Hunter 101% Run (link)