Nathan Anthony (Derris-Kharlan)
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Role on Project: Super chiptune medley!
Main Songs: Epilogue (Secret of Mana Medley)
Description: Derris-Kharlan is a composer from Melbourne, Australia. He has a particular interest in creating sound and music for video games.
About the Game: "Nothing, but the music is great!"
About the Project: Funnily enough, I've never actually played Secret of Mana through. I am going to rectify that, though! When Nate contacted me to do a track for the album, all it took was a cursory listening of the OST to get me on board. SoM has some amazing music! I hope that I have done the OST justice.
Notable Works: - Time Surfer OST (link)
- Time Surfer OST Live (link)
- West (link)