Travis Morgan
Travis Morgan
Location: Albany, NY, USA
Role on Project: Song arrangement, bass, guitar, vocals, programming, mixing, video production
Main Songs: Stainless Steel and Snare, Dead of Night, Cursed, The Oracle
Collaborations: Mushroom Kingdom, Pandora's Box, Girl You've Got a Nice Beard, Seed, Mystic Invaders, The Great Sprite Hope, Meridian Rush, On the Wings of Dragons
Interview: Interview with Travis Morgan on Spectrum of Mana
Description: "Hi, I'm Travis Morgan. I'm a musician from upstate NY. I've performed in 13 countries worldwide, and have been seriously studying audio engineering for the past year. I painted an 8 bit Metroid sprite on my bass cab, I can no-death SNES U.N. Squadron on the hardest difficulty, and I make a killer NY style pizza. Come to MAGFest and say hi!"
About the Game: "Played for five minutes, got frustrated, put it down. (Then spent a year helping to cover the soundtrack!)"
About the Project: This project is one of the most ambitious things to come from the VGM scene. Large scale collaborations (even larger scale than this) have been tackled before, but none that have brought together so many different communities, musical backgrounds, and talents over such an incredibly deserving soundtrack.

And it's been a hell of a ride. I've made many new friends and learned a lot about recording during the past year working on this album. We all hammered so much time and effort into this thing, and with each blow to the nailhead, watched it become more and more epic. I couldn't ask for a better project or a better group of people to pave the way for my first real contribution to the VGM scene.

The secret is revealed - and trust me, it's worth the wait.
Notable Works: Atheist, Psyopus, Sunken Colony, Viking Guitar Live, Metaspherical, Vaudeville