Demonstray (Cory Harbak)
Demonstray (Cory Harbak)
Location: St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Role on Project: Arrangement, guitars, keyboards, sequencing
Main Songs: Survivors of the Storm, Meridian Rush
Description: "Hi! I'm a 22-year-old Canadian guy who plays keyboards and guitars and sometimes jiggles his vocal cords around for fun! I'm known by my Earth name, Cory, but also by my two musical aliases: DemonStray, which I apply to all of my video game music covers and arrangements, as well as my general internet presence for the most part, and Cryosis, which is my solo progressive metal project. I've been playing piano for over 15 years, but got hooked on synthesizers at a young age. I never owned a proper synthesizer until roughly 2008, when I started getting into software instruments and recording, and realized that synthesis went far deeper than my comically awful Kawai keyboard.

I started getting serious about learning the recording and production arts in 2009, at exactly the same time as I first picked up an electric guitar, and have been getting steadily less bad over the years...I think! All that I can hope for is that you all agree! ;) These days I'm still working almost exclusively on video game arrangements as a means of practicing and honing my performance and production skills. When the time comes for me to release my debut solo album, I really hope that all of this time spent pushing it down on my list of priorities will have paid off and shine through on the final product. Enough about me, though; ONWARD, TO MANA! \m/"
About the Game: "I never had a Super Nintendo growing up, so needless to say I didn't have the opportunity to even borrow Secret of Mana from any of my friends (who also did not have the game anyway). In my late childhood and early teen years, I took my first steps into emulator territory, wherein I played countless hours of the obvious titles on ZSNES: Street Fighter 2, Super Mario (end of title here that is woefully not "RPG"), Mega Man X...and then I started learning about the massive library of established RPGs released on the console. Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and the Final Fantasy installments popped up, so I gave them all a try but it all just felt wrong on my clunky computer keyboard (and I didn't have a USB controller or anything). I never gave anything a serious shot until high school, when I picked myself up a Playstation Portable, unlocked it, installed custom firmware, and downloaded buttloads of emulators and ROMs in case one didn't work. I swore myself to start with Chrono Trigger, and I got quite a ways into it before my memory card got stolen. I haven't played it since, and I never touched Secret of Mana on my PSP. However, sometime circa 2009, I started collecting SNES games because I struck a deal to co-own my good friend's childhood Super Nintendo. Secret of Mana is among those games, and while I haven't gotten far, I have big plans for that Secret of Mana cartridge once I've completed my contributions to this arrangement project!"
Notable Works: - Dwelling of Duels (link)
- Demonstray music on SoundCloud (link)
- Illusive Man (link)
- Doubleplus (link)