The Second Story
The Second Story
Band Members: Jameson Sutton - Keys and Arrangements
Kaylei Bristol - Flute
Kenny Reichelderfer - Accordion and Bass
Justin Olejnik - Drums
Jen Rose - Guitar
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Main Song: Tale of the Curious Stranger
Description: The Second Story is a new folk rock VGM band hailing from Austin, TX. We started out as just Jen and Kaylei doing an acoustic guitar/bass duo, but quickly grew to a folk rock band with the additions of Justin, Kenny, and Jameson.
About the Game: Secret of Mana holds a wonderful place in some of the band members' hearts for different reasons. Jen grew up playing Secret of Mana, and it is one of her favorite games to this day. Kaylei, Kenny, and Jameson all have little to no attachment to the game (YET!) other than a shared love for the soundtrack.
Notable Works:
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