Amanda Lepre
Amanda Lepre
Location: Austin, TX, USA
Role on Project: Electric/acoustic guitars, vocals, and arrangements
Main Songs: Arid Sands, Monarch on the Shore
Collaborations: Star of Darkness, Seed, Holy Intruder, Echoes of the Exiled, The Oracle, Assault on the Witch's Castle, Meridian Rush, The Great Sprite Hope
Description: With rich soprano vocals and aggressive, metal-inspired guitar riffs, Amanda Lepre's music feels like strapping on armor and suiting up for an epic journey. It is not difficult to picture the heroes of classic literature and video games that often inspire her songwriting.

Originally from the Rio Grande Valley, currently based in Austin, Texas, Amanda Lepre (pronounced "leh-PREE") is a performing musician whose stylistic approach encompasses a diverse mixture of genres. Her music is most often described as "progressive pop-metal".
About the Game: "I have fond memories of it as a child - the visuals and the music were always so vivid, and I'm extremely happy to contribute to such a project."
Notable Works: - Original music (
- Descendants of Erdrick
- Those Who Fight (