Grant Henry (Stemage)
Location: Wingate, NC, USA
Role on Project: Musician, arrangement, engineering, mastering
Collaborations: Holy Intruder, NOW IS THE TIME FOR NOMENCLATURE, Assault on the Witch's Castle, Solum, Sword From Stone, Beginning of the End, Mushroom Kingdom, Meridian Rush, Survivors of the Storm

Mixing on "Tale of a Curious Stranger" and "On the Wings of Dragons

Mastering of Disc 2: Peace

Endless-Boundless-Limitless Project Support
Interview: Interview with Stemage on Spectrum of Mana
Description: "Hi, I'm Stemage, a song-writer and arranger from North Carolina. My most notable work is Metroid Metal. My original material is a combination of pop, metal, and 90's influenced rock."
About the Game: "The music is fantastic!"
Notable Works: - Metroid Metal (link)
- Priority One: The Music of TRON (link)
- Where Good Marbles Go to Die (Marble Madness) (link)
- Zero Over Zero (link)
- Yes, Mayhem (link)
- Viking Guitar Live (link)
BONUS: Making of Holy Intruder (link)