Adam Henry
Adam Henry
Location: Wingate, NC, USA
Role on Project: Drums, guitar, bass guitar
Collaborations: Stainless Steel & Snare (drums), Pandora's Box (drums, guitar and bass guitar), Meridian Rush (parts I, II & III + drum solo)
Interview: Interview with Adam Henry on Spectrum of Mana
Description: Adam is a full time musician from North Carolina. Being a lifelong avid gamer alongside years of playing music, it makes sense that Adam would eventually contribute to the VGM scene. His original music is primarily melodic metal.
About the Game: The awesome music and art.
About the Project: I'm honored to be a part of this colossal musical tribute to the Secret of Mana. I've seen a HUGE amount of work from everybody musically, with artwork, and especially with organization. (Good job Nate!)
Notable Works: - Evil Lemur: Melodic sludge space metal tribute to the PC game DOOM (
- Permanent MidKnight: Original melodic metal (