Erik Peabody
Erik Peabody (Viking Guitar)
Location: Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Role on Project: Song arranging, guitar, bass, programming, web design/development
Main Songs: Sword from Stone, Aurora Borealis
Collaborations: Mushroom Kingdom, Survivors of the Storm, Meridian Rush
Interview: Interview with Viking Guitar on Spectrum of Mana
Description: Viking Guitar has been involved with music for over fifteen years. After starting his foray into music with a crappy red electric guitar and a stack of Black Sabbath tabs, he played in several small-time metal bands before deciding to work on solo home recording. Since that time, he has released over five albums of both original compositions and video game remixes, in a variety of genres. His "Made of Metal" Cave Story remix album was featured on various gaming sites and was nominated as "Best Western Fan Arrange Album" of 2011.

Additionally, Viking Guitar is the owner and operator of Viking Guitar University, a free online resource for aspiring guitarists and home recording enthusiasts.

Viking Guitar currently does freelance music work (session guitar, composing, and audio production) around his day job, his addiction to horror movies/games, and spending time with his lovely wife and terrible cat.
About the Game: "I remember getting excited about this game before it was even released. Like a lot of people my age, I had been introduced to adventure games with the original Legend of Zelda, and had moved on to RPG's from there. Secret of Mana was a perfect blend of the two styles, and it consumed me almost immediately. I remember spending hours playing it (along with the Nintendo Power guide, of course) and being utterly amazed that there were branching paths and other gameplay elements that were total oddities and innovations at the time.

Since then, I've played the game off and on. I've definitely beaten it at least once and made more than a few solid attempts at a second victory. Regardless, the game has stayed on my radar for twenty years, just as it has for a lot of people. Since becoming involved in this project, it's been interesting to see how dedicated of a fanbase this game has, especialy in regards to the music. The soundtrack to Secret of Mana is more than a passing interest or a nostalgic distraction for a lot of people. The emotional content of the music really speaks to people, and I've seen more than a few comments online about how it's helped them through tough times.

It would be difficult for me to pick my all-time favorite game soundtrack, but Secret of Mana would definitely be in the top five (which is probably about as close as I could narrow it down!) I'm glad to be a part of this project and to have an opportunity to work with so many incredibly dedicated and talented people. I just hope that my songs can do justice to an almost flawless soundtrack. Keep the world metal!"
Notable Works: - Viking Guitar albums (
- Eye of I (
- Viking Guitar University (
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